Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Food Storage in weather disaster and would we even be in our homes? Maybe Not.

Musing;  I've been looking at food storage plans, ideas these past weeks (because that is one of those Mormon things to do), it occurs to me given the geographical area where we live, it is unlikely in a natural catastrophic condition, ie, tsunami, flooding, we would have or be in our homes to avail ourselves of the carefully laid up provisions.  If we lived in tornado country, same thing.   While there is something psychologically reassuring about having emergency provisions, I'm thinking with the climate change conditions as perhaps the new normative weather conditions, I might want to rethink how we would want to store up provisions.  

Because we do live where we live, having strong winter weather rain and wind storms (hurricane strength, although for definition reasons, we don't get to apply that word to our storms) we almost have to have some sort of 72 hour emergency kit and plan.  We live on the coastline so there has been interest on the part of the county in having us getting prepared for tsunami conditions.  After our Storm 2007, when there was no evidence of communication getting inside or outside of our county, I know the County has built stronger, more effective communication network to avoid what we experienced in 2007.

We, in this rural county, by necessity, already do a certain amount of emergency preparation, including some element of food storage.  Personally, we (meaning my husband and myself) can do better in laying up emergency preparations.  With the news of tornadoes wreaking catastrophic havoc in Midwest (over 100 killed in one tornado alone), the tsunami that devastated coast of Japan this year to include compromising their nuclear plants, and floods seemingly across the country, I'm not so sure many of us can count on being in our homes to 'be prepared' for these kinds of  weather based natural disasters.

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