Monday, February 7, 2011

Acquiring a language, a vernacular in which to share concepts

How to find words to explain to those in the LDS church who have developed a common language amongst them where words have different connotations and meanings for them than they will have for me and others like me, people who are newcomers to learning about the LDS belief set?

It will be a most difficult challenge.  I have a resistance to many of the words I have heard used to convey some of the LDS concepts.  I believe I come to their doors already embued With a Testimony (to borrow from the vernacular I am hearing and trying to appreciate, understand).   I do not wish to have the testimony I already have, have earned through my diligence, studies, prayers, and endurance....I do not wish to have my testimony, which I hold precious and dear, put through a indoctrination process until the words I am saying sound like the words I am hearing from others and is therefore more pleasing to their ears that I have 'seen the light'.  In my mind that translates to mean I will have seen 'their light', not my own light, and until I learn (via the example of pablum and milk first,meat later) I will be seen in the capacity of a newcomer not having a testimony in alignment with the LDS testimony.

In my efforts thus far to get my message through as something worthwhile to be incorporated into the language and vernacular, I can see it will be a perplexing challenge ..... for them, for me.   For the moment, for the time being, for now, it is my wish that I am permitted to contribute that to my newcomer ears, the words they are using hold meanings that are not embracing, but in fact, have a ring of arrogance to them that is off-putting to me and perhaps to others like me, who wish to hear more, but are prohibited by the sense or feeling of arrogance that the words sometimes convey.

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