Monday, February 21, 2011

LDS taking a New Look at the New Testament in 2011. I'm relieved.

2011 agenda for the LDS church seems to be a focus on the New Testament scriptures  (video at, and the scaffolding of how the NT was organized.  I'm Very Relieved, and perhaps in this element, I can make a small contribution.  At the lesson with the missionaries earlier this week, I explained that the reading of Jesus words per the BOM considerably flattened out the personage of Jesus as is unfolded in the NT scriptures.  It would have been greatly disappointed to think that Jesus reframed in the perspective of the BOM is the definitive Jesus that many among LDS point to when referencing Jesus.  

I look forward with anticipation and hope that emphasis this year among the LDS endeavors will bring Jesus into sharper focus, perhaps move Joseph Smith more into the background and not the forefront centrality of the story, the gospel, the good news.  And I truly say these things in the name of Jesus Christ...Amen.

On a quieter note, what I am learning via grace and via our experience with the people of this Ward, is the mentoring (intentional or not) to gentle my voice while telling my story (my testimony)

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