Monday, February 7, 2011

The Decision

Day One, announcement of wish to be baptized.
    My husband, anticipating that if I say the 'tipping point' words aloud, the young missionary who had been sitting in the pew in front of us would move swiftly into action.  My husband shushed me, wishing to help me avoid the initiation of missionary lessons part of the process.  I tell husband that I am intentional, and understand that this is a step that cannot be avoided, so let's do it, get through it.  And while I wish we didn't have to be subjected to what seems to me to be baby step lessons having lived sixteen years with my husband and learned much from him, nonetheless, it seems there is no other entry point.  I compare it to the time we were required to spend in a catechism to get ready for confirmation into the Epsicopal Church.

   The Bishop of this Ward has come up to us to greet and welcome us, hears the conversation and shares with us his own experience at the time he decided to be baptized and his impatience with having to go through the missionary lesson steps.  He encourages us to go through the lessons anyway, and we agree to get started that very day; the young missionary has some open time in his schedule.

  Lesson 1;  An introduction, some discussion of what Atonement means (in the LDS church).  No problem, we are marching through this.  By this time, we are into the afternoon, and upon finishing up, Arthur and I decide to have lunch to discuss this rather sudden change in events for us.

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