Monday, February 7, 2011

Coming to peace with Lesson 2

Having spent a good deal of words in trying to capture the feeling while also chronicling the unfolding events, emotions, exchanges, this post will be brief.  My husband and I have by now spent several days in deep conversation with each other about the material, concepts, change in our life, changes in the lives and loves of those close to us, but the focus of our conversations are actually each of us reaffirming to each other that even with the feeling of the movement of spirit, the guiding spirit, the holy spirit moving within us and taking us to this place, that first and foremost is our marriage, our love for each other and our desire to protect what we share together.

It is good that our next lesson with the young missionaries is scheduled for a few days away, which gives us opportunity to experience, to process the tumultuous emotions we are each experiencing.   We are indeed having individually different while simultaneously similar emotional experiences and we are doing so in the context of our commitment to our marriage, to each other, and looking to take the preciousness of our marriage into a faith belief set that may or may not work for the integrity of our marriage.  We are about to take that leap of faith that Arthur likens to Indiana Jones character in the movie Last Crusade where they have to trust that even though they cannot see it, there is a bridge in place that will hold their weight when they take that jump.

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